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  1. Find the Textarea 'Search the web and Windows' on the task bar of Windows 10
  2. Enter 'Edit group policy' in the search box and press "Enter"
  3. You will find 'Edit group policy' at the top of the list. Click it.
  4. The window 'Local group policy editor' will open.
  5. Find 'Administrative Templates' under Local Computer policy -> User Configuration
  6. Click on 'Administrative Templates' and you'll find list of 'Settings' on the right side window.
  7. Find 'Windows Components' at the second-last position of the list. Double click it.
  8. The list of settings for 'Windows Components' will open. Find 'Microsoft Edge' in the list. Double click it.
  9. You'll find the list of settings for 'Microsoft Edge'. The first settings is 'Allows you to run scripts, like JavaScript'. Look, the state is 'Disabled'. Double click on the row.
  10. A new window will open for changing the settings. You'll find three radiobuttons. The 'Disabled' radiobutton is selected.
  11. Click on the 'Enabled' radiobutton to enable JavaScript.
  12. Click on 'Apply' and then on 'OK' button.
  13. You will notice that the setting is 'Enabled' for JavaScript.
  14. Finally go to the 'Start' menu and you'll find 'Microsoft Edge' browser. Open a page to confirm that your browser is ready to run with JavaScript.